Products and Services

There is no direct competition to the ZPAGE service, that provides an instant display associated with an existing telephone number. The fact that such a service does not exist is the basis for the ZPAGE patent. The ZPAGE patents relate to new methods to post and retrieve/display information using phone numbers (and other indexes) and are part of an issued patent: USPTO No. 9,262,606. Included in the filing are multiple embodiments or use cases that can support many future products built on the connection platform and basic registration.

Current Product / Service Offerings

Name Key Function


Core system that connects any mobile number to any file, document or web site and sets user’s mobile number as locator, link and/or URL.

Document size is limited to 20 pages or 10Mb

Basic Extra

Multiple page addresses can be created by adding suffixes to the pseudo-root domain of the phone number.

Enables up to 10 suffix addresses – only available via agents.

For example,

The base phone number will open a profile

But base phone number/classpic

And base phone number/BIO will always open current resume

  • #/menu = latest menu
  • #/hours = times that business is open
  • #/address location of business
  • ZYP will publish a list of standard suffixes

    Premium Pro

    Key Words Tags added to any core number that can include industry, area served, special skills, and any other key word or identifier. Such as piano teacher, Chennai, Classical, Jazz

    Sales E-Commerce

    Using suffixes as product codes (SKU) a full shopping cart and e-commerce process is available in selected market areas.


    Printed guide of local listings of all members in a particular ZPAGE city or neighborhood

    Some key highlighters of ZPAGE features:

  • No prescribed format; the information posts online exactly as it was created.
  • User has total control of what gets posted.
  • No account registration; users do not need to provide an email or remember passwords.
  • Perfect to advertise specials, discounts and coupons.
  • Multiple pages can be created by adding any alphanumeric suffix to the core mobile number, enabling multiple pages, flyers and SKU’s for e-commerce.
  • Customers can see a page by entering the phone number on or partner sites
  • Generates an instant URL (ex: for business cards and for online sites such as Yelp, Angie’s, Craigslist, etc

  • Total Cost of Ownership

    An important measurement when considering the use of a new business system is a comparison of the total cost and the proposed benefits. For Page’s target market, this is especially important.

    The total cost of ownership (“TCO”) for creating and posting a ZPAGE page is minimal and almost negligible compared to conventional websites platforms, i.e. GoDaddy ($250-$800/year). WordPress is a popular website builder which makes it easier to establish a full online presence but can require some technical assistance, time or knowledge that small business owners may lack. Copyblogger estimated the TCO of a WordPress website including domain registration, hosting, premium theme, developer fees, security services, storage, and personal time, amounted to $95-$700 per year, depending on the degree of custom designs.

    Illustrative Use Cases (INTERNAL NOTE – use cases are shown as a marketing tool to convince visitors to join service – they can be cut down if too much)

    Potential use cases for ZPAGE are unlimited. Users have invented, and will hopefully continue to innovate, alternative ways to deploy and use the product to support one’s own marketing activities. With ZPAGE users can get instant, real-time, actionable information and links to specific online pages.

    Wedding candidateds

    A major use case for ZPAGE is the support and expanded enhancement of this area.


    A photographer can post the photo album on online and it will always be available via the phone number. Also using suffixes various categories can be displayed without having to view the total album. For example phone#/boat would only show photos on boat trip, #/hiking, #/reception etc.

    Business Cards

    Phone numbers on business cards can expand in one step to an online professional or business profile. Suffix codes written on the back of a card combine to retrieve public and private messages, documents, flyers, property details or any other information. Call or link it is the same number.


    Message becomes a Sales Tool. Instead of a general business message (“Have a nice day”), users can change their voicemail message to include “Use the number you just called on ZPAGE to get more information.”


    The phone number in printed classified advertisements can expand into an online page to provide information for shoppers to learn more about the business. Supports small business by expanding the small print ad into a full business flyer or page.


    CRAIGSLIST or any other online service advertisement can include the URL syntax of the file which opens their online page of details. Example:

    Community Events

    Community Events and other temporary activities can display the event poster and details by just entering the telephone number of the event manager.

    Other Use Cases

    Project Status

    Managers and entrepreneurs can use it to display latest status updates and avoid sending emails every time there is an update. Can be one or many pages or slides.

    Service Providers

    Piano teachers can post details on line about their business, allowing callers to use number on ZPAGE and possibly see desired information; adding convenience to all parties involved and saving time. For example: Saturday hours, or programs for children.

    Restaurant Specials

    Restaurants can post content or even simply take a photo of their blackboard and instantly post daily specials. Callers can see view the restaurant’s menu or tonight’s specials by just entering phone number on ZPAGE.

    Today’s Produce

    A farmer can post a display of available products along with prices and any special growing information and potential buyers can immediately see what is available.

    Second Job

    A contractor or professional could use the posting as an online resume or profile for a side business.