ZPage is a Powerful new tool that enhances the value of printed Ads for advertisers and readers

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Here you can view online profiles of businesses and individuals by just entering their phone number. If you have a phone number from an advertisement, business card, or printed flyer, etc., enter the phone number. Phone numbers in the classifieds that are registered on ZPage have a [z] tag at the end of their number.

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About ZPage

ZPage empowers print advertisers to link their message directly to an online display there by leveraging the power of the internet without having to build a complicated and expensive website.

Millions of classified ads are printed daily but the majority of print advertisements do not list a website, they only list a telephone number. Customers prefer more information before making contact and ZPage makes that possible using a phone number as the online locator.

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ZPage is the easiest way to establish a Web presence

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ZPage is seeking agents and partners in all geographic and industry areas. If you would like to join ZPage just call or email agents@zpage.co
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