Contact our office and we will connect you with a nearby agent

No, not in the traditional sense, instead of traditional user accounts, we use a closed-loop verification (ZYPCREDS) process using text messages. Allowing us to bypass clumsy usernames and passwords.

Absolutely. ZPAGE will not share your number or any private information with any third party. Read more about our privacy efforts (http://ZPAGE.com/privacy)

During the launch period, the ZPAGE BASIC services which makes a 1:1 connection will be provided by agents as part of their normal service.

Yes, we accept Microsoft Word documents. Upon uploading, the file is converted into a PDF. We also accept many popular image types (ex: jpg, bmp, png), which are not converted upon uploading. If you are using a different word processor to create your flyer, please convert or export it to PDF before attempting to upload it.

No, currently we don't offer any document creation tools or services. But our agents and partners offer a customer service to help you. Including designing a flyer.

Not at all. ZPAGE is specifically designed to provide an online presence without the trials of creating a website.

Yes, but it must be embedded within the PDF document submitted. This will allow for users to click the image or burl to navigate.

No problem, just contact the agent that created your page or contact customer service.

Yes, but is only visible to the owner of that page. To view it, please follow the steps to "Verify and Update". On the edit-suite, you will see your page's total page views. More advanced statistics and analysis will be available in future upgrades and releases.

ZPAGE can be used for special offers or other temporary or permanent information that you don’t want to have on your full website. ZPAGE is extremely flexible and information, photos etc can be changed in minutes

If you are working with a ZPAGE partner or agent check with them

ZPAGE grants new opportunities to self-employed individuals and businesses. For self-employed users, ZPAGE grants an additional ways to attract business as well as a way to interact with current clients, without the need for general access to the internet. ZPAGE will allow these people to upload a digital flyer and tie this image to their phone number. Whether it’s a business flyer uploaded online or someone’s business card, ZPAGE helps create new opportunities for these people that weren’t available otherwise.

A ZPAGE is what gets created when a user uploads a flyer and has it attached to their mobile number. This ZPAGE can be edited by the user at any time. These pages will be interactive and allow others that are on the page to view items for sale, see opening hours, and eventually order right off the ZPAGE!

The only cost will be the initial upload service provided by our agent. There will be no monthly service fees, no maintenance whatsoever, if you decide to upload additional content or change or replace your original page then the agent may charge you a service fee. So the TCO of creating and posting a ZPAGE is almost negligible compared to conventional websites platforms.